GRN Show – Pre CSM X Election

This Weeks GRN show 1 hour 30 mins of talk as we are doing a new format of half the show talk and half the show Music Show Notes: CSMX Free Ship NPE Updates CSMX Candidates TotalEve TMC Community Report First Minny T3 Dessy Loss Sov Warefare Updates Oh Lenovo Nvida Class Action Evepodcasts Podcast: […]

Coming changes to the show

Well the past 3 weeks of pure music shows on Eve-Radio for the GRN Show has been and gone, going forward I’m making some changes to the shown format as follows:   Shows will be spilt in to 2 parts, the first half will be pure talkshow format with the usual topics of Eve, Gaming […]

Eve Media Round Table 1 – CSM

This is the first episode of the Eve Media Round Table. Moderator – Dirk MacGirk Technical Director – Wiggles Guests: Bigcountry –  Open Coms Show Bobmon – Evenews 24 Chyph3r – Podside Podcast Connal Tara – Fly Reckless Podcast Lanctharus – Capstable Podcast Oh Takashawa – Crossing Zebras Editor Tyrant Scorn – Legacy Of A […]

“The Roundtable” – Beta Episode 1

“The Roundtable” is YANEPC (Yet another eve podcast) This is a beta experiment that I wanted to try and see if we can get something off the ground. A Round-table style podcast with members of the greater eve media to talk about hard hitting subjects in a “laser focused” way. As this is a beta […]