“The Roundtable” – Beta Episode 1

“The Roundtable” is YANEPC (Yet another eve podcast) This is a beta experiment that I wanted to try and see if we can get something off the ground. A Round-table style podcast with members of the greater eve media to talk about hard hitting subjects in a “laser focused” way. As this is a beta project it will change overtime so please bare with us, thanks.

Host – Wiggles, Dirk MacgirkChYph3r

Guest – Jaysyn Larrisen


Sion’s Tweet

Funky Bacons CSM9 Review

Funkys Response To CCP LeeLoo

CSMX Candidacy Period Opens

Thanks for listening comments are welcomed

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  • Mutteringly

    Podside with less casual racism? Count me in.

  • Rucknar

    This sounds great, I’m looking forward to more like it!

  • SgtReuster

    Nice job, Guys. Also, I do believe the laser sight on specific topics is the way to go.