Coming changes to the show

Well the past 3 weeks of pure music shows on Eve-Radio for the GRN Show has been and gone, going forward I’m making some changes to the shown format as follows:


  1. Shows will be spilt in to 2 parts, the first half will be pure talkshow format with the usual topics of Eve, Gaming & Tech News. The second half will be pure music with it shrinking down if discussions need more time.
  2. The podcast version will still be put up here but will be shorter as not the full 2 hours 30 mins are needed.
  3. I might bring back the Sunday lotto if a bit of interested is shown etc.

That’s about it. Feedback is always welcomed





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  • Disappointed

    Sorry to hear about the music part of the show. I listen to the podcast version and really enjoy the current format and extended discussions. I think you can get enough of eve radio music by listening to other broadcasts this one and the bc show were different.

    • Well this is my choice and we shall see how it goes, if the discussion needs longer we will go longer when needed