• wat

    I think it is retarded that fozzie seems to think that the only motivation for wars should be “content”.
    It IS a sandbox game but the only incentive to fight over territory shouldn’t be stopping your players from unsubscribing.

    • Dirk MacGirk

      Yeah, content is a somewhat vague idea. Content wars, to me, are probably the result of you’re so powerful that nobody is coming to you so you need to find something to entertain the troops. Content devoid of purpose is a bit low-calorie and uninspiring for me. I know the types of fleets I’ll log in for and those that I find extremely optional.
      Content is literally the last reason I get involved with sov warfare from an offensive perspective. On the other hand, defending space I’d prefer to hold isn’t content, it’s purpose driven. But show me a war of conquest, or a war of ideology, or a war because some dude talked shit about some other dude’s girlfriend’s mom and I’m all about that.