This Week In New Eden – Pizza MMM Pizza – 27th September 2015

Here is this weeks show notes:


Patch notes for Vanguard

Amarr Championships blog

Brave Restructure

Bye Bye Docking Games

RIP Black Legion

NC Dot Loss 300 Peeps

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  • Freelancer117

    Evening Gents o7

    Due to work I could only visit Evesterdam for a short while on Sunday.

    It was very lovely to meet enthusiastic gamer’s and developers there 🙂


    During the presentation of how to make ISK and lose it again by Angelica Everstar,


    This was shown for why Plex is rising so high atm, check the cross hairs of the 4 progress lines

    It seems Plex has a strong tendency to find equilibrium for the supply and demand sides.

    And it is way higher then we could ever suspect, in fact you could probably say CCP games

    has actively kept it down during the last 4 years no doubt with the help of the economist Dr Eyjo

    Since he left, and with CCP games vigor in fighting the RMT hazard discount and positive

    feedback mechanism for the use of plex and with hardly a(ny) plex sale on the horizon to see,

    expect your Plex to rise to 1,666 billion ISK after fanfest 2016 !

    Regards, a Freelancer

    PS: Ambulation in Amsterdam