• Smokey

    It’s weird hearing someone mouth off about who should and should’t be streaming/watched. Especially when he’s been watching for a few months. Saying that someone like rushlock shouldn’t get viewers because he doesn’t PVP or doesn’t stream regularly is borderline offensive.

    I don’t remember who was saying that, but he should feel bad. He can watch whoever he wants, but bitching about someone new getting viewers is just entitled bullshit.

    And for reference, DaOpa (which he didn’t even mention) is the only old twitch eve streamer that still does it with some regularity. If that Kitty streamer shouldn’t have viewers, well Suitonia or anyone of the young streamers shouldn’t have viewers. They’re both providing content and nothing more.

    • Thanks for the feedback I take it this was aimed at BC and I will pass it on to him